Update on our school in Akri, Pakistan

We are sad to report that earlier this month our school in Akri, Pakistan was flooded and will have to close for a few months. Heavy rains caused a breach  in a nearby canal causing the entire village of Akri to be flooded. Our campus now has over four feet of water in it, with no way to drain the water. Many of our students and their families have relocated to Badin, a nearby town, living in make-shift camps until the water receeds. 

We are in close contact with our partner, The Citizens Foundation, that manages our school operations to keep abreast of the rebuilding efforts. Their current estimate is that the campus will need to be closed for at least 2 months. We are determining what the best course of action for aiding in any reparation efforts and supporting our students. We will send updates with how you can get involved shortly.