First Fund-raiser for Afghanistan Project

By: Fiza

Owing to us being bogged down with the fund-raising events in the last few months of 2009, with the wrapping up of the year and the planning for the new year, this blog post is admittedly late in its release. But now that we have recuperated from 2009 fatigue, are set for the new year, and the excitement of the new projects is kicking in again, it’s actually easy and quite fun to recall how the Afghanistan fund-raiser went in Nov 2009. It’s better late than never right!

Close to 70 people joined in the bustling energy that filled the room at Seattle Public Library on November 15, 2009. Some were our Seattle-based Afghan friends, others came from Microsoft, Harvard business school club of Puget sound, and Harvard club of seattle, joined by our always-there-for-us dream-makers in Seattle.

In an intimate setting, the Afghan music playing in the background only added to the warm aura of the room. We had a table with Rubia products and thanks to Amena, and in fact the Wardak family as a whole, there was titillating mainly-home-made Afghan food awaiting us. (In case, you’re wondering Rubia is the organization we have partnered with for our project in Afghanistan). For me personally, the exciting bit was a dreamwall section where we had pictures from dreamwall Pakistan and lots of pics of our children from dreamfly Pakistan and children from Jalalabad. People left personal notes for the kids and got their pictures taken which we will take to the kids.

We showed videos about dreamfly and Afghanistan. Mona and Umaimah spoke about dreamfly’s journey to-date and what we’re looking to accomplish in Afghanistan. A young kid from Afghanistan, Akmal, who’s an exchange student from Jalalabad in Seattle also spoke and thanked all the attendees for their support to build a school in his home-town (it was very moving J).