Pakistan siblings

In fall 2007, we started working on building a primary school in Akri, dreamfly co-founder Umaimah Mendhro’s, home village in the coastal district of Golarchi in Sindh, Pakistan. We partnered with The Citizens Foundation and built our school in less than one year, welcoming our first batch of little dreamers in 2008. 8 students showed up on the first day of school. In just a few years, we have educated hundreds of students across four grades.

A key goal for dreamfly is to work with high integrity local non-profits to ensure ongoing quality of education. In Pakistan, we couldn’t have chosen a better partner than The Citizens Foundation. With hundreds of schools over the length and breadth of Pakistan, TCF’s commitment to high quality education and focus on interactive learning and critical thinking is unrelenting.

  • Through TCF, we promote an interactive, child-centered teaching approach with emphasis on hands-on activities that help children explore, reason, understand, and enjoy the learning process. TCF views learning as holistic and hence art, physical education, and activities for social and moral development form an integral part of curriculum.
  • We’ve paid special attention to having a school floor plan that’s airy and spacious with plenty of room for our kids to run around, study, indulge in school activities and learn new sports and games. We have also accommodated for future plans of constructing a secondary school building next to the primary school.
  • Teachers are trained every year to ensure highest quality of education.
  • Recently we added a computer lab to the school. The children are using Sesame Street software to learn their alphabet and colors in a fun interactive way.

To learn more about our partner organization TCF, their vision, mission, and education model, please click here.