India is the land of a billion people where innumerable communities and cultures blend in harmony to sustain an infinitely vibrant society. Paradoxically, there also exists simmering communal discord among these amiable communities that sometimes erupts in violence but at all times gnaws away the spirit of its people.

It is a conspiracy by the people against themselves. When a child is born in a small town here – pristine in thoughts, unfettered in imagination and unlimited in potential – unknown to him, a powerful process has already been set up by those he looks up to. Over the years this process will constrict his mind until his dreams wither away and he becomes one of those who perpetuate the same conspiracy by subjecting their own children to it.

Could the story be different? Perhaps yes – but only if he were given an opportunity to cultivate independent judgement and recognize religious indoctrination by giving them exposure to newer ways of perceiving humanity.

Dreamfly in India strives to do just that as it transforms “communities in conflict” to “communities in harmony”.

-Tanu Pant, Director, dreamfly India