Afghan student

Afghanistan is a nation that has been defined by the conflict that has been waged between its borders over the past 50 years. What is often overlooked are the beautiful people and culture that has persisted through the tremendous strife. In a seemingly hopeless situation, communities have flowered with women playing a vital role in their sustenance and survival. In an effort to support these women and their growing importance in their communities, dreamfly partnered with Rubia to fund the De Las Kar Women’s Center in the Campha neighborhood of Jalalabad. From June 2010 – July 2011, the Center served 550 women who received vocational skills in traditional Afghan embroidery and received education in promoting women as conflict resolvers, family health and hygiene, women’s rights to education and voting, and banning child marriage.

The Center brought together women from several ethnic groups in Jalalabad and the surrounding areas, including Pashai, Nuristani, and Pashtun. Women trained at the Center shared their learnings to their local communities, starting their own programs in their home villages. We were thrilled to see the impact this program had on Afghan women and their families. dreamfly raised more than $55,000 to support this program.

We are exploring new ways to serve the Afghan community. If you would like to get involved, please contact us at