Daredreaming in Karachi

We invite you to explore the stories of five beautiful, ambitious children from the streets of Karachi. Simply page through the book with your mouse by dragging the corners to turn each page.


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Cover to Fareena Chanda's 'Daredreaming'

Daredreaming on the Streets of Pakistan is a compilation of five stories of triumph and will - of children living in the slums of Karachi, the financial and commercial capital of Pakistan and home to over 15 million. Born into poverty and illiteracy, like millions across the country, Khalida, Zareena, Abid, Mumtaz, and Asif have all broken the mold and are on their way to unpredictably promising futures. This was made possible by the organization The Citizens Foundation, which builds and operates modern, high quality schools in under-served communities across the country.

The stories have been compiled by thedreamfly.org, a global initiative that strives to create human connections across communities in conflict through education, exposure, and empowerment for a better, unified future. thedreamfly’s first project was a school funded by the citizens of the United States and operated by The Citizens Foundation, in the village of Akri, Pakistan. To learn about thedreamfly and its current projects across the United States, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Rwanda, and more, please visit www.thedreamfly.org.

Designed by Fareena Chanda