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Dreamfly looking to expand to Latin America

“I am not an Athenian or a Greek, but a citizen of the world,” the 5th century BC philosopher Socrates supposedly said. The idea of global citizenship is at the core of what dreamfly is striving to accomplish, which is to create a human connection that transcends race, religion, culture, and politics.

dreamfly has been gratified to see examples of this connection come to life in our ongoing projects. In India we built the Bagnan High School computer lab, which brings together Hindu and Muslim students in the kind of opportunity their parents never had. In Rwanda, our continued sponsorship and expansion of the Cyingwa Primary School helps unite a community overcoming the ethnic strife that once tore their country apart.

Next up, we are looking to add a different geographical and cultural perspective to our budding global community. For the past several months, dreamfly has been evaluating options for expansion into Latin America (particularly South America) via a collaborative project with a local partner. This region features many countries with a rich, interesting, and vibrant history that have been victim to instability and strife, and as such, provide the kinds of opportunities we are looking to address. As with past dreamfly efforts, we are looking to do work in communities with a history of conflict and, with the level of funding we can provide, maximize the number of young people who would benefit. Most importantly, we are looking for on-the-ground partners with sterling reputations, track records of executing successful projects, and a philosophical alignment with our vision.

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